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What are the different cardigan styles?

by Peilin Zhou on Jun 12, 2022

Mapleshop Cardigan with Brown Trim

Cardigans are by far the comfiest clothing to wear over any dress or top. It is generally a knitted sweater originally introduced as a piece of clothing made from wool with an open front. With its evolution and more designs making an entry into the market, today we have different styles of cardigans available in the market, a few of which have been discussed below in the blog:

  1.     Belted Cardigan

These cardigans are very trendy these days, especially long-belted cardigans. They give the entire outfit a new and smart appearance. These cardigans are made up of cashmere, linen, cotton, or wool. However, this type of cardigan should be avoided by overweight people because wearing a belt over the cardigan would make your belly more visible. Thus, it is recommended for people who have a toned body. This type of cardigan can either be short or long in length, depending on people’s personal preference. You can wear them over dresses, leggings, and stockings and pair the entire outfit with a pair of high boots.

Mapleshop Belted Cardigan

  1.     Vest Cardigan

This type of cardigan is usually sleeveless. This is highly recommended during weather changes when there is a slightly cold breeze, but you don’t want to wear anything full-sleeved or heavy. These cardigans are extremely fashionable and look great on any type of outfit. They are made up of cashmere, cotton, cotton wool, sheep wool, and linen. The length of these cardigans differs in waist length, hip length, knee length, etc., depending on the consumer’s preference.

Mapleshop Vest Cardigan

  1.     Crop Cardigans

As the name suggests, these cardigans are crops and are usually till the chest. They are made up of light material and go well with dresses. They even look stylish and are very easy and comfortable to carry. These generally come in solid colors and are paired with printed dresses and tops. On the front, they usually have either buttons or hooks. Sometimes, they are left without any such things to be flowy. They are made up of linen, cotton, cashmere, lace, etc.

Gray Cropped Cardigan

Pick your Gray Cropped Cardigan in the Mapleshop!

  1.     Hooded Cardigans

As the name suggests, these types of cardigans have a hood at the top and are left open at the front. They look mostly like a jacket as they can also have a zipper at the front or buttons. With a hood at the top, they give a very sporty look to the entire outfit. This type of cardigan looks best on boys and is worn over cargo, jeans, or sweat pants and extends to the knee. They are available in different lengths, ranging from waist to hips to knees. They are generally made up of linen, lace, cotton, or wool.

  1.     Open Cardigan

This cardigan is open at the front and is known for this style only. They do not have any buttons or zippers on the front. They have extra fabric lying on the front, which is made to look stylish and classy. They come in different patterns and colors and look great on tall people. They are made up of polyester wool, knitted wool, cotton, etc. They can be paired up with any outfit, especially t-shirts, jeans, and tank tops.

Maple Open Cardigan

Final Thoughts

Cardigans have made their way in the market in such a way that they cannot be taken back. They look stylish and elegant if worn decently. It is recommended that you pair up your cardigans with printed t-shirts, dresses, tank tops, etc. Wearing a solid-colored cardigan along with patterned or printed outfits can change the entire vibe of the attire. f you are looking for the latest trendy cardigans, mapleshop is the place for you!

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