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Glam up your style with Maple’s chic and comfortable cropped cardigans

by Peilin Zhou on Jun 09, 2022

Gray Cropped Cardigan

Our closet is a part of who we are, and the clothes in it tell some story about us. Who cares about what others think; we style our wardrobe for ourselves. Whatever season it is, we all want to look our best. Whether we are going for brunch, a night out, college, or the office, our clothes must fit the occasion. 

And you can do that by filling up your closet with some chic-looking basics, like cropped cardigans. They are comfy and require little styling to transform simple outfits into hot fashion. Our styling guide will tell you the superpowers of a superhero clothing item, a cropped cardigan.     

Women's Gray Cropped Cardigan

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Cropped cardigans: chic yet comfortable, traditional yet trendy 

Cardigans have been around for a long time, yet they are still very much in fashion. This traditional outfit has ruled our grandmothers' and mothers’ wardrobes, and now it’s here to steal our hearts. 

Remove the extra fabric and bulkiness from your traditional cardigans, and you will get trendy cropped cardigans.  

This mini version comes with buttons and zippers too. And the less fabric makes it a perfect pick for every season. Whatever the occasion, you can never go wrong with cropped cardigans.  

The cropped cardigans styling guide 

Women's Gray Cropped Cardigan

By now, you’ve got the idea of the looks and designs of cropped cardigans. Now, let’s tell you the different ways you can style it. 

  • Any cropped cardigan goes best with a strappy top and blue jeans. You can wear it over a halter top, tube top, or crop top. Do pair it with high-waisted jeans for that Kendall Jenner look. 
  • Style your cardigan with an A-line skirt or midi for a perfect fall look. Bodycon dresses styled with cropped cardigans make for a romantic date night outfit.  
  • Wear your cardigan with a pleated mini skirt and knee-high socks to give the vibes of 90s Rachel Green. 
  • Cardigans are ideal workwear when paired with pencil skirts with nude heels. Either wear it buttoned up or keep it open to pair it with a semi-formal top.  

You can take our styling tips or invent your own. Just remember what Ralph Lauren said: 

“Style is very personal. It has nothing to do with fashion. Fashion is over quickly. Style is forever.” 

Choose your style by adding Maple’s chic yet comfy cropped cardigans to your wardrobe.   


Wear cropped cardigans like your favorite celebs 

Cropped cardigans are all the rage right now. They have become the new favorites of our favorite celebs. From Selena Gomez to Kendall Jenner to the Hadid sisters, everyone is styling them differently. So, why don’t we take some styling tips from them too? 

Selena Gomez likes to style it with bodycon dresses while Kaia Gerber wears it with flared jeans and a scarf. Gigi Hadid goes a little risky by pairing her cardigan with a denim Capri while Megan Fox wears it over a strappy crop top. Kendall and Hailey wear baggy pants and keep their cardigans slightly open.   

Women's Gray Cropped Cardigan

The fashion Gray Cropped Cardigan in this year.

Cropped cardigans: suited for every season 

A cropped cardigan isn’t only for the winters. You can wear it in other seasons as well, including summers. Cropped cardigans go well with your beach outfits, like swimsuits and rompers. They are perfect over a short sundress or a camisole for a breezy summer evening.

Cardigans are the ultimate favorite fall outfit. Pairing them with baggy jeans or a midi dress will give the best results. But experiment and find what looks the best on you. 

Winters and cardigans go hand-in-hand. So, when those chilled days come, get ready to rock your bulky-cropped cardigans. Or wear your tight woolen cardigan under a long jacket or a coat.          

Women's Square Pattern Cropped Cardigan 

You can find the Blue Square Pattern Cropped Cardigan in the Mapleshop!

Style your wardrobe with Maple’s cropped cardigans 

Are you ready to add cropped cardigans to your closet? Of course, you are, after all, they are such cute, comfy, and chic clothing items. Then stop wondering and slide into Maple’s website.

Maple is an everyday fashion brand where you can find carefully crafted cardigans. Beautiful aesthetics and designs at affordable pricing are our specialties. We focus on customer satisfaction and hence, offer free shipping and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.      


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