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What is a Cropped T-Shirt

by Peilin Zhou on Jul 04, 2022

What is a Cropped T-Shirt - Maple

A cropped T-shirt is a type of garment highly in trend these days. It is an upper-bodywear designed in a way that lets the midriff area remain exposed. To put it simply, a cropped T-shirt is basically a T-shirt cut short so that it stylishly exposes the waist and belly button of the person wearing it. 

Cropped T-shirts are also commonly called crop tops or short tops. Although usually worn by women, they were created for men in an attempt to conserve fabric for wars. As a result, they were a staple part of men’s fashion wear for a long time before women started wearing them. Today, one can find cropped T-shirts in every girl’s closet. You can style them with trousers, denim, skirts, or anything at all. The versatility in style that cropped T-shirts allow is what makes them so special.

Varieties of Cropped T-shirts

There are undoubtedly countless varieties of cropped t-shirts. Each type is unique because of its sleeve style, neckline, or print. However, some of them are a must for the wardrobe. One can wear these varieties every day, and they would still create a wide range of unique looks. 

  • Half-Sleeved 

This is the most basic type of cropped T-shirt that goes well for a casual look. Usually made from comfortable material, it is breezy and light, making it a perfect summer essential for the wardrobe. You can pair it with any bottom that is desirable for the look.

  • Long-Sleeved 

Cropped T-shirts with long sleeves give a classy look. Paired with jeans or a skirt, full-sleeved crop tees are great for creating party looks. They can even come with three-quarter sleeves to add a bit of spunk to the outfit.

  • Polo Styled

An outfit that can never go out of style is a polo tee with stand-up collars, cute buttons, and a few stripes. Cropped t-shirts in the style of polo shirts bring a new twist to the fashion game. They usually have a ribbed texture and look very stylish with cotton pants. 

  • Off-Shoulder  

Besides exposing the waist and belly button, off-shoulder cropped tops also expose the shoulders and neck region. Usually made from cotton, these cropped t-shirts are incredibly comfortable to wear. They are not only suitable as breezy summer wear but also make them look extremely attractive. 

Why are Cropped T-shirts so Trendy?

Cropped t-shirts are today the most trendy clothing, popular among teenagers and college-goers. It is the most common go-to outfit for these people on a typical day.


Now, what makes cropped t-shirts so unique? Well, there is more than one reason why cropped T-shirts are, in fact, one of the most comfortable clothing for both men and women. Not only that, cropped T-shirts have even been established as signature styles for many people. 

The material used to make crop tops is usually a blend of cotton or linen. These are good for the summer and allow flexibility to body movements. Cropped T-shirts are also made with ribbed or hand-knit woolen material that is ideal for winter. 

On top of these reasons, cropped t-shirts are also a tool for empowering young girls and older women to feel confident about their bodies. It creates a blend of western fashion with their own culture and makes them look pretty. Their body positivity is reflected through the belly button and waistline that cropped t-shirts enable them to show off. In this way, cropped t-shirts undoubtedly inspire people of all sizes to feel good about their bodies. 


Cropped T-shirts are a fashion statement in today’s world. Sold by most of the popular fashion and thrift brands, these cropped T-shirts allow people of all shapes and sizes to feel beautiful. These are ideal for creating a complete look that is easy to wear and stylish. Thus,  fashion trends may come and go but one thing that shall last for years is cropped t-shirts. 

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