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Cardigan, You Best Pal in the Summer

by Lillian Tian on Apr 03, 2022

Cardigan, You Best Pal in the Summer - Maple

Living in CA, means we do get to experience a long summer, and our summers are hot and not very breezy.

So you may wonder why I need cardigans for blazing hot summers!? Well, during summer, we also get to experience “indoor winter”. Places everywhere are blasting the a/c at mega levels to keep up with the heat outside. So while that means my go-to outfits include shorts and tanks, I also ALWAYS have another layer with me to cover up indoors! Whether it’s a cozy top layer to throw on over a dress for a cool summer-time evening or a quick, neutral coverup for the frigid air-conditioning, you can never go wrong with the Cardigan. 

Women's Cardigan with Brown Trim

Summer weekend is upon us ladies! It’s the kickoff to our favorite season with cute cardigan with Brown Trim! 

Our summers are hot and not very breezy, but I just love wearing very loose fitting garments during this time. Cardigan should be your best pal in the summers. Open front sweaters are the most practical during the warm months since I can put them on and off easily when the night comes and we get (a little) chilly. This one is the perfect weight: not too heavy, not too light.

Women's Midnight Blue Crossing Wave Cardigan

Let’s get the perfect summer midnight blue crossing wave cardigan in the mapleshop just in time!

For cool summer nights, a fall afternoon, it is always best to have a cardigan on hand. Cardigans are year round staple wardrobe pieces. What do we love most about them? They are so comfortable, while also being a great piece you can make a fashion statement with.

Women's Diamond Pattern Cardigan

The new arrival diamond pattern cardigan! More fashion cardigan in the mapleshop!

This summer was very relaxing for us after a stressful year with all the COVID-19 restrictions in our country. We soaked up all the sun, enjoyed every single day of it, and during all of those days knitted cardigans in the mapleshop! Hope you all are having a great summer with your perfect cardigan!


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  • Anne
    Apr 04, 2022 at 23:08

    Yeah, I can’t stay in the office whole day without a cardigan. Will love to get one from your shop. Looking forward to seeing more styles added on your website.


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